Certification Chamber of Commerce of Lima

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NSF Certification

Our furnaces have the NSF certification, which certifies that our products are of excellent quality and that do not harm to the public health, and that protect the environment, and with this certification, they are apt to enter without problems to the USA.

NSF is widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise specializing in health and environmental Sciences. NSF has won the designations of the Collaborating Center by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the food and safety of water and the interior environment. NSF remains serving manufacturers operating in 80 countries since 1944. It is currently headquartered in Ann Arbor, MI, United States. The NSF brand is recognized for its value in international trade around the world and is respected by local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

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UL Certification

We also have the UL listed certification, which ensures that our products are 100% safe.

UL certifies, validates, tests, inspects, audits, advises and trains. We provide the knowledge and expertise that help customers manage the growing supply chain complexity from regulatory and compliance issues to commercial challenges and market access. In this way, we facilitate world trade and offer tranquility.

The UL logo may only be used on the packaging as long as the product (as opposed to any component listed or related to the product) bears the UL listing complete.

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SAT Certification

Our company also has SAT certification in quality processes that is accredited by INDECOPI with the Peruvian guide GP-ISO/IEC 65, to issue certificates of conformity, with official value for the sectors of agriculture, livestock, fisheries and food.

It offers its services through the Certification division, which issues the certificates based on the evaluation of the test results with the specifications of national and international technical standards, as well as sanitary regulations.

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