With an experience and capacity acquired from 1960, the company H. Ruiz Hnos. E.I.R.L., has become the leading organization in the manufacture of grilled chicken ovens and a variety of related products in the market within the metalworking industry.

Our creativity and innovation made that in 1990 we launched the first oven to roast gas chickens registered in ITINTEC (today INDECOPI), this allowed us the recognition at the international level and the specialized press, obtaining innumerable awards.

The unmatched quality of our equipment, its maximum efficiency and the focus of our company in total customer satisfaction, allow us to be a solid ally in the foundation and development of your business.

1. EXPERIENCE: Every day over the last 47 years we have strived to achieve products of unbeatable quality, which provoke lower operating expenses at an affordable price. We've done it, but we want to break our own brand.

2. MANUFACTURING ON CUSTOMER SPECIFICATION: Do you want a rotisserie with particular features? May prefer that the finish be in hammered copper or brass or that the measurements are exactly those required by your local. No problem. Let us know and we manufacture just what you require.

3. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: Our company is oriented to achieve customer satisfaction, and therefore we do not limit ourselves to manufacture the equipment, but we provide integral practical training, equipment installation and advice on distribution of elements in your business.

4. WARRANTY: We know the unbeatable quality of our products. For this reason, each one of them has a guarantee of one year on any factory defect.



To satisfy the needs of the gastronomic industry through the manufacture and commercialization of equipment with high quality standards generating value for our clients, employees and owner.

Meet the high demand in the market with quality products and therefore with a guarantee that in our case we call Real Warranty, since in the course of 1 calendar year our customers are not charged for any malfunction that may have the oven . We do not charge the tickets or the stay or anything, that's what we call the real guarantee.



To be recognized at national and international level as the best company of products and services in the gastronomic sector, offering added value based on experience and innovation.

The vision of H. RUIZ HNOS. It is projected in the following decades, providing nationally and internationally a product according to the highest quality standards.



- COMMITMENT: With our customers by providing quality products and services; With society, by providing stability to the families of our staff, and with the environment, to comply with the standards established for the care of this.

- QUALITY: Provide products and services that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, doing things right from the first time in time and form.

- PUNCTUALITY: In the delivery of the products and services requested by our customers.

- CREATIVITY: Promote it in the activities and processes for the proposal of innovations.